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Successful learning requires a balance of many elements. Educators need interactive technology to keep students engaged and learning in different ways, but that’s not all. Instant feedback, data analysis, content that is aligned with common core standards is also needed to heighten best practices and implement technology, curriculum and assessment into one cohesive and effective education ecosystem.

Online Technologies has partnered with multi-award winner, eInstruction, to work with K-12, colleges, and universities to offer the latest in interactive classroom technology.
Why is interactive technology important in the classroom?

Having the ability for educators and administrators to instantly capture, grade, report and analyze student performance data has been shown to increase student engagement and motivation as well as improving comprehension and raising academic achievement.

What are these interactive products?
  • Student Response Systems
  • Mobile Interactive Whiteboards
  • Interactive DualBoards and TouchBoards
  • Enterprise-based Software
  • ExamView Assessment Suite
Other companies offer interactive solutions why use eInstruction products?

eInstruction has recently introduced Insight 360 which is a formative instruction system that combines intuitive software and mobile devices to streamline instruction assessment and content. The advantages are:

  • Entire learning cycle in a single solution - verses competitors who tend to focus on single components.
  • Any Content, Any Format! Insight 360 works with the teacher’s existing content as well as competitor’s software and content.
  • Real-time Performance Measurements - Insight 360 provides real-time and longitudinal reporting vs. competitors who offer very limited, real-time only analysis capabilities; results may be thrown away at session end.
  • Support and Infrastructure! eInstruction has a solid reputation of providing quality products and excellent technical support.
What other products are being used in the classroom?
  • Standard/Interactive/Short Throw Projectors
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • InFocus Mondopad - Giant Multi-touch Tablet Displays
  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • Media Carts
  • Distance Learning Equipment
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • Digital Signage Software/Hardware
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