Video Conferencing

Online Technologies specializes in the installation of award-winning LifeSize high definition video conference equipment. Now you can have high definition video conferencing with lower bandwidth needs. This means for a minimal investment, any business can benefit from a crystal clear picture, perfect sound and the ability to share multimedia presentation with ease.

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Why use video communications?

Nine out of ten people do not work at corporate headquarters. HD video conferencing is for those that are looking for a life-like solution that encourages natural interaction, or businesses that need to easily connect a PC or use a white board that everyone can see clearly. Some may be looking for one-on-one solutions whereas others may need to interact with a large group.

How much does it cost?

HD video conferencing systems vary widely but a range would start at $3K-8K for a basic system and go up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per room depending on functionality and features.

How many different people can be on one call?

Depending on how your video communication system will be used, you may require multiple users to be on each call at once. Some systems may only support point-to-point (one-on-one) calls on their own, and require additional hardware and investment for multipoint call. 

Is it worth the investment?

Many companies find that when they reduce travel expenses in addition to time; their overall productivity increases, therefore making the return certainly worth the financial investment.

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