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Online Technologies, Inc. is a professional audiovisual integration company. The term integration is defined in general to mean “unite or combine” and that is exactly what we do. We take different medias and combine or unite them to make a whole system. The ability to utilize current communication technologies into a seamless, cohesive, easy-to-use system is vital in today’s business environment.
Why use Online Technologies for our audiovisual needs?
  • Nationally Recognized, Award-winning Audiovisual Technology Industry Leader.
  • Locally Owned and Operated Company Since 1985.
  • Fully Functional Showrooms to Demonstrate Equipment.
  • Direct Purchase from Major Manufactures - Guarantees current products and best price.
  • Certified and Trained Service Technicians and Programmers on Staff - Our staff has collectively been educated and trained in electronics engineering, audio engineering, project management, computer engineering and must attend regular manufacturing training sessions to keep current on latest technologies.
Besides selling audiovisual equipment what services do you provide?
  • Consulting - Develop scope of work based on needs, desires, application and budget.
  • System Design - Created using scope of work.
  • Installation - Professional turn-key installation of equipment.
  • Training - Inform clients of the available functions on installed equipment and train key personnel on of use equipment.
  • Service and Support - Offered on all equipment purchased from us.
  • Service Contracts - Available for maintaining and repairing equipment beyond the manufacturer's warranty coverage.
  • Rental Equipment - Rental equipment available by the day or month.
  • Leasing - Conserve capital and take advantage of the tax benefits by leasing your equipment. Payments made on a lease are treated as expenses verses pretax dollars.
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Digital Signage is a multi-billion dollar industry that has seen tremendous growth in recent years! Why? Because it works! Let Online Technologies provide you with a digital signage solution customized for your application.
What is digital Signage?

Simply stated, Digital Signage is a broad term (also called in-store media, screen media, digital out-of-home, captive audience networks, place-based media, etc.) which refers to a variety of displays and media technologies used to replace traditional signs. 
What are the benefits of using Digital Signage?
  • Cost effective - by significantly decreasing or eliminating the cost of print media
  • Powerful - delivering dynamic messages can immediately grab customer’s attention
  • Instantaneous - messages can be changed quickly
  • Informative - educate your audience with local forecasts, emergency bulletins, announcements, local programming, medical and dental procedures, etc.
  • Increases awareness and influences customer behavior with targeted products and services
  • Enhances customer experience by entertaining customer while waiting for services, etc.
How are clients using Digital Signage?
  • Display public information such as news, weather and local information.
  • Display internal information such as corporate messages, health and safety issues
  • Menu information
  • Advertising

What technology is needed to use Digital Signage?

Typically, a digital signage installation requires one or more display screens (LCD or LED) along with one or more media players and a content management server. Along with the hardware requirements, software for the content is also required. This content can be a variety of media such as text, videos, audio, etc.
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