In addition to offering traditional credit terms, MasterCard, American Express and Visa, we have leasing terms in place for our corporate clients.
Leasing Advantages for Corporate Clients
  • Conserve Capital – you are paying to use, not purchase the equipment.
  • Finance nearly 100% of the Invoice – security deposit or 1-2 payments may be required.
  • Eliminate advanced cash outlays – pay for the equipment as you use it.
  • Gain tax benefits – you treat payments as expenses, and you are paying with pretax dollars.
  • Stay current with changing technologies – simply return your equipment at the end of the lease term and pick something new.
  • Lease rates are very competitive - you may choose a lease term up to 60 months and your payment will remain the same for the full-term.

Lease Options
  • Fair Market Value/Standard Lease - allows you to purchase your equipment at the end of the lease for its fair market value.
  • Lease Purchase - allows you to purchase your equipment at the end of the lease period for $1.00.
Application Process
A simple, one page application is all that is needed for lease approval. You make one payment each month to cover everything on the lease. Pay either by coupon book or monthly automatic draft. Either way, you know exactly what to pay each month and for how many months.

Contact us for details!
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