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Enjoy all the benefits of going to the movies without the hassles! View your favorite movies (and television shows) in the privacy of your own home — even in HD and 3D! Whether you are designing and building a new home or enhancing an existing one, our design engineers can provide you with a complete integrated home system solution — custom tailored just for you!
What is a Custom Home Cinema Design?
It seems like a no brainer, but a lot more goes into a well-designed theater than most clients realize. A custom designed theater could incorporate:
  • Cinema-quality wide screen projection system
  • Properly sized flat panel display
  • Professional quality audio system
  • Acoustical treatment
  • Fully automated control system
  • Media retrieval system (Audio and Video)
  • Organized wiring and rack equipment
  • Professionally calibrated audio and video equipment
What are the benefits of owning your own Custom Home Cinema?
When you control every aspect of the design and installation of your movie viewing environment you can select aesthetics and functionality that fit your specific tastes and budget.

Why use Online Technologies, Inc. to design, provide and install my Custom Home Cinema equipment?
Audiovisual technology is constantly changing. Don’t get stuck with the big box store’s leftover products! As a professional audiovisual integration company, we purchase direct from major manufactures to ensure our clients receive current products based on reliability, functionality and upgradability. Also, we have insight into industry trends which include future products and technologies. Let us use our knowledge to create the look and feel that will “WOW” your guests and give you the ultimate in home cinema experiences.
Online Technologies, Inc. is a professional audiovisual integration company. The term integration is defined in general to mean “unite or combine” and that is exactly what we do. We take different medias and combine or unite them to make a whole system. The ability to utilize current communication technologies into a seamless, cohesive, easy-to-use system is vital in today’s business environment.
What are some of the other benefits of using a Kaleidescape System?
The intuitive and entertaining user interface provides various ways for you to browse and select movies and music. You can play, pause, resume, even bookmark and later jump to favorite movie scenes, create personalized scripts and play lists, and exercise parental controls over which movies and music are available in each room of your home.

How is the Kaleidescape movie and music server different from a Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD changer?
A changer can play only one Blu-ray or DVD movie or audio CD at a time. The Kaleidescape movie server is based on hard-disk technology, which provides instant access to your entire library throughout your home and enables simultaneous playback in different rooms at the same time. You can play a movie or an album that is already playing in a different room. Also Kaleidescape’s unique Movie Guide and Music Guide Services enhance your home entertainment experience with detailed information about movies and albums you have imported.

In short, the Kaleidescape experience for music and movies is unmatched in the industry. Call us for details and a demonstration!
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