Audiovisual technology enhances communication everywhere – whether in a boardroom, classroom, public space or private residence. From a single portable projector to the most sophisticated integration project, our friendly professional team of experts can find the right solution for you!

Corporate environments have special requirements. Our clients value both aesthetics and function along with reliability and durability. Our company can simplify current communication technologies into a seamless easy-to-use system for your boardroom, training room, conference rooms or throughout the facility. Our cost effective video conferencing and digital signage solutions can also provide a large impact to your corporate infrastructure.

Government agencies require equipment to be cost effective, stable, secure and flexible. It is critical that day-to-day operations run smoothly and all systems remain secure. Displaying evidence in a courtroom, voting in a council chamber, collaborating in an EOC or controlling cameras in a NOC, we can design a secure and robust system for you. As an awarded vendor in the TIPS/TAPS purchasing cooperative (, our commitment to competitive pricing ensures best value for your budget.

The need for detail and accuracy is of foremost concern when dealing with the healthcare field. Hospitals, research labs, health science centers, clinics, etc. need the ability to inform, teach, collaborate and disseminate information. Online Technologies prides itself in providing the latest communication technology available. Our high-resolution displays combined with video conferencing and a digital signage solution allows your facility to communicate, teach, collaborate and disseminate information among your staff and patients locally and/or around the world.

The current education classroom no longer resembles the classroom of years ago. Gone are the chalkboards and erasers. Educators need interactive, dynamic, intuitive solutions to prepare their students for the growing and ever-changing workplace! Let us show you the latest in communication technology designed specifically for educators and administrators at the classroom, school, district and/or state level. Also, as an awarded vendor for TIPS/TAPS purchasing cooperative (, our commitment to competitive pricing ensures best value for your budget.
House of Worship

We take time to understand your specific congregation's communication needs. Every solution for this market is different in approach and application. The functionality, stability, ease-of-use, and aesthetics of the solutions we design needs to fit your style of worship. These needs may include large venue projectors, screens, video walls, digital signage, and video conferencing. In addition your needs may also include assisted listening, sound reinforcement, and acoustical engineering. Whatever your needs, our custom audiovisual solutions allow you to bring spontaneity into your worship service.

We have been asked by many of our clients to bring the technologies they see being used in their workplace to their home. We do that too! Our installation and design teams are highly skilled and experienced, who wouldn't want the same level of skill and experience to design and install audiovisual equipment in their home? Much of the equipment we use in our commercial applications can be used in the home and some equipment is designed specifically for residential use. We know the difference! So let us incorporate home automation, distributed audio, flat screen displays, projection, professional quality sound, structured wiring, etc. into your home.
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