Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a multi-billion dollar industry that has seen tremendous growth in recent years! Why? Because it works! Let Online Technologies provide you with a digital signage solution customized for your application.
What is digital Signage?

Simply stated, Digital Signage is a broad term (also called in-store media, screen media, digital out-of-home, captive audience networks, place-based media, etc.) which refers to a variety of displays and media technologies used to replace traditional signs. 

What are the benefits of using Digital Signage?
  • Cost effective - by significantly decreasing or eliminating the cost of print media
  • Powerful - delivering dynamic messages can immediately grab customer’s attention
  • Instantaneous - messages can be changed quickly
  • Informative - educate your audience with local forecasts, emergency bulletins, announcements, local programming, medical and dental procedures, etc.
  • Increases awareness and influences customer behavior with targeted products and services
  • Enhances customer experience by entertaining customer while waiting for services, etc.
How are clients using Digital Signage?
  • Display public information such as news, weather and local information.
  • Display internal information such as corporate messages, health and safety issues
  • Menu information
  • Advertising

What technology is needed to use Digital Signage?

Typically, a digital signage installation requires one or more display screens (LCD or LED) along with one or more media players and a content management server. Along with the hardware requirements, software for the content is also required. This content can be a variety of media such as text, videos, audio, etc.
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